Flight School Manager

Position Overview

The Flight School Manager will oversee the entire Flight School, including monitoring new student enrollments, certified flight instructors, processes, hiring, and schedules at both of our operations in Eden Prairie and Crystal. In addition, the Manager will handle all incoming calls and leads in relation to the flight school. This individual is responsible for maintaining records for training folders, customer records, and instructor records. The Flight School Manager will handle tours, camps, clinics, and ground schools. The Manager will also hire and manage Certified Flight Instructors.

Other assignable duties include, but are not limited to, Airrman Certification Representative, PSI/Lasergrade Supervisor and Proctor, and TSA flight school appointee.

Job Type: Full-time

Position Duties

• Provide primary and advanced flight instruction to student pilots.
• Liaise with Academy College personnel regarding student training records, schedules, and as needed.
• The first point of contact for new students.
• Create and maintain customer records, training folders, and required documents.
• Ensure all folders pass FAA, TSA, and EOC audits.
• Update efficiency reports and student tracking reports.
• Promote Thunderbird Aviation through kids camps, training clinics, and tours of our operation.
• Plan and run the Young Flyers camps at both our locations.
• Promote, plan, and track enrollment for ground schools.
• Promote, plan, and track weekend clinics.
• Promote and provide tours for scouts, church groups, schools, and other interested groups.
• Maintain stock levels in pilot shop for flight training materials.
• Split time between our two operations: FCM and MIC.
• Manage and supervise the flight instructor cadre at both operations.
• Ensure proper staffing at both operations.
• Work with the company’s Chief Flight Instructor to maintain training standards.
Job Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree or a combination of education and related experience
• FAA Certified Flight Instructor
• Must hold a current FAA Medical Certificate.
• Must hold a valid driver’s license.
• Comply with Thunderbird Aviation’s initial and on-going drug and alcohol testing program.
• Knowledge of appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations and Thunderbird Aviation/Academy College, administrative, operational procedures and requirements.
• Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations, part 141 and part 61, pertaining to pilot ground schools, student pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, certified flight instructors, instrument and multi-engine ratings.
• Strong customer service skills.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
• Excellent presentation and communication skills.

Required experience:

• Management: 1 year
• Aviation: 2 years