Experience Aviation

Own the open skies by enjoying scenic flights around the Twin Cities or Lake Minnetonka. Or, feel what it would be like to pilot a plane with one of our Certified Flight Instructors. Whatever your aviation heart desires, Thunderbird Aviation can help you on your way.

FBO Services

Thunderbird Aviation’s Customer Service Representatives are ready to serve you and are happy to handle all requests providing a wide range of concierge services. We strive to make your experience hassle free. From lodging and valet parking, to car rental and catering, our team can handle it all.

Flight Training

Thunderbird Aviation has the most advanced facilities and experienced flight instructors in the Twin Cities. We are the only flight school in the Twin Cities that offers the option of either a formal ground school or Interactive Online Training. Our Certified Flight Instructors undergo extensive standardization training and must complete rigorous flight check outs before they ever fly with a student.


Thunderbird Aviation carries a large selection of parts and supplies along with the expertise and knowhow from our industry leading team of mechanics. From our decades of piston engine aircraft work, to the newest of the turbines, we are able to get you up and on your way in the most expeditious and professional manner.

Aviation Services

Today’s general aviation market is complex and buying or selling an aircraft requires experience to make sure you are not leaving money on the table. Thunderbird Aviation has the personnel, experience and negotiating stamina needed to move your aircraft quickly and at fair market value.


Thunderbird Aviation’s Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota based executive charter aircraft, operating under our FAA Air Carrier Certificate #TBDA360I, can provide world class service to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Whether you’re flying to a vacation hotspot in Florida or Colorado, or a remote locale like a Tribal Reservation in South Dakota or fishing lodges in Manitoba, we’ve got a charter that’s right for you.